August 4, 2015

What we do

Liquidating Disputed Property

Once a property is tagged as disputed, not many people want to purchase it. Due to this it becomes very difficult for the owner to liquidate the property at the time one wants to. D & D has an expertise in handling disputed properties and can give multiple options to the owner for liquidating the property in the shortest time.

Acquiring Disputed Property

Owing to our expertise in handling disputed properties, we offer great investment opportunities in this product, to those who are willing to, alongwith the complete support for ensuring quick resolution as well.

Litigated Property Solutions

Handling litigated property in India can like a nightmare. It is thus important that a proper team with required skill set for legal matters assists in the right direction for litigated matters. We even assist in liquidating assets which are under litigation.

HUF Undivided Property

Various matters of family property held under HUF or other holdings have come up, where we provide assistance to customers for sale of their share in the same alongwith the required paper work etc.

Possession Dispute

Possession of a property is vital. Many times there are disputes related to possession which need to be addressed through the appropriate legal mechanism for regaining the possession in favour to avoid any further litigation. We provide the required expertise for the same across India.

Landlord & Tenant Dispute

A common problem in most tenancies is the disputes which arise between the Landlord & Tenant. We specialize in resolving these disputes in the interest of all parties concerned.

Land Acquistion by Govt or Authorities

With the ongoing infrastructure expansion in India, various land parcels get acquired by Govt or Authorities for the Country’s growth plans. We assist in ensuring that the right valuation is received as compensation or equivalent space in the best manner.

NRI Solutions

While all our services are available for NRIs, we understand the concern of coming to India various times to complete activities related to property owned here. Thus we offer a one window solution with committed time lines, which can be for transferring inherited property, liquidating assets, expert legal assistance, property record status etc.

Senior Citizen Services

Preference will always be given to Senior citizens for all service offerings. Minimum amount of visits & unnecessary running around will be avoided.